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Morpion Solitaire GitHub

koozdra / Morpion (GitHub) My library is now available. Here are some highlights: Instantiation morpion = Random completion (from any state) morpion.random_completion Get the score: morpion.score Generating a dna array: dna = morpion.generate_dna Evaluating a dna array: eval_morpion = … Continue reading

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Grid Similarity

One way to compare two grids is by the positions of the made moves. Essentially we want to create a hash value to identify grids that have the same moves but could have different lines. To demonstrate this effect I … Continue reading

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A Collection of High Scoring Grids in Pentasol Format

This is a collection of my highest scoring grids. There are some duplicates in there.

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Morpion DNA Encoding Revisited

Each move consists of two parts; a grid point where the move was made and a line that passes through the point. Let’s consider the line universe of discourse. Each point on the grid can be the beginning of four … Continue reading

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Two Dimensional Representations of the Penta Magnetic Constructor

The penta constructor is a very versatile constructor capable of many different configurations. The shape consists of 20 magnets. The Penta: Two Dimensional Representation: Some Shapes:

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High Resolution Fractal Backgrounds


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New Morpion Solitaire Personal Record of 178 (Same as Rosin 178)

Could 178 be the upper limit of Morpion Solitaire? My 178 matches the world record set by Chris Rosin. I have about 50 grids above above 150 that I will continue to test to see if a new record can … Continue reading

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