Morpion Solitaire GitHub

koozdra / Morpion (GitHub)

My library is now available. Here are some highlights:


morpion =

Random completion (from any state)


Get the score:


Generating a dna array:

dna = morpion.generate_dna

Evaluating a dna array:

eval_morpion =
eval_morpion.eval_dna dna

For a basic demo take a look at the demo folder for basic.rb. This code will perform a naive search and reset every minute.

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3 Responses to Morpion Solitaire GitHub

  1. Henryk says:

    Thanks, I managed to run the ruby code without a problem on a generic ubuntu 12.04 box. Also I eliminated some bugs from the cpp implementation and now it reaches easily results in the range 140-150, which seems to me a very nice result. Congratulations to you on this simple and effective algorithm. What kind of technics you applied in order to go beyond this 150 limit?

    • Dimitri Tishchenko says:

      Thank you. I’m currently writing a post about my current search algorithm. When I post it (shouldn’t be too long) I will post the code code also.

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