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  1. David says:

    I only recently discovered this game. It seems not to be that well known in North America. I stumbled across it on a programming site called rosettacode.org. One of the characteristics of the game that surprised me is how early good structures are set up and the lack of strategies for human players. It’s fairly easy to take a good game and truncate it and still achieve results near the original score through random play. On the surface this seemed surprising.

    Good luck on your continued progress.

  2. David says:

    Another question, do you have the game record in pentasol compatible notation for replay and study?

  3. David says:


    I looked at your encoding before. As I recall you encoded the available moves moves at each step. I not sure I fully understood the taboo moves, nor do I recall seeing an explanation for the ‘preference’ of a move. If I understand correctly, the size of each encoded step will depend on the number of moves available at each turn. If I have that right then each step will be represented by a variable length segment but I didn’t see how they were delimited. I also recall something about encoding layers and non-conflicting moves. Interesting approaches that I haven’t dug into. In short, either I misunderstood or there isn’t enough information for me to convert a pentasol game record into your MDNA or to take the final MDNA and convert it to pentasol notation.

    I only use the pentasol notation so I can visually walk through games. That’s why I asked if you had a record of the final games.

    The main RC page for morpion is at http://rosettacode.org/wiki/Morpion_solitaire there are talk and sub-pages. The basic task was just to play a random game,


    • Dimitri Tishchenko says:

      The taboo moves are for the binary encoding. When a zero is used at a certain position, it indicates that that move can never be used. It is a possible move that is not exhibited. By keeping track of the taboo moves I can discount them from the list possible moves at any given point in the evaluation.

      Delimiters are not necessary because there is a correspondence between the list of moves that are made vs moves that are not made.

      This makes a very efficient (I think the most efficient) method of encoding a configuration.

      I will write another article about the encoding with an example grid to clarify the process.

      The preference stuff is part of another encoding I use for algorithmic search.

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